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Naturamed Intl is an authorized distributer of ArthriMed-Plus.


ArthriMed-Plus is a natural health product manufactured in a laboratory approved and certified by a chemist to ensure quality control and the percentage of medicinal ingredients.
ArthriMed-Plus is approved under the NPN 80016235. This certification guarantees “that the products are well prepared, safe, effective and they offer a relevant user information.”
ArthriMed-Plus can claim to treat or cure, but is useful for strengthening, toning or supporting tissues. The use of essential oils which enter into its composition has been recognized for many years and dosage meets all the criteria of safety and quality.


ArthriMed-Plus is recommended as a local anesthetic to relieve back pain, lumbago, bruises, sprains, strains, aches, cramps, arthritic pain, rheumatic pain, tendon pain, painful ligaments, neck stiffness, inflammation, headaches, pain in the sciatic nerve.

  • More ArthriMED-tones tired and sore muscles.
  • More ArthriMED-stimulates the nervous system.
  • ArthriMed-Plus acts as decongestant to respiratory and sinus (a few sprays on the chest).
  • ArthriMed-Plus repels insects: moths, flies, mosquitoes, etc..
  • ArthriMed-Plus has antipruritic properties, that is to say, it helps relieve itching.
  • ArthriMed-Plus has pesticidal properties against mites.



My name is Lisa and I was suffering from back pain which made me and my work life unbearable by chance I discovered ArthriMed-Plus. Since I stopped my anti-inflammatory and pain as decrease around 80%. I would like to shout to the world if like me you have chronic pain…. believe me….. try….. this product.

- Lisa

I’m Andrew and I want to talk about arthrimed. I discovered ArthriMed-Plus by accident about 2 years ago. I suffered for a long time of cervical spondylosis and severe back pain. Since I use arthrimed-plus – i have stopped my anti-inflammatories. try this product, the only thing is that you could greatly improve your quality of life.

- Andrew


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