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Naturamed Intl. - Authorized Distributor of ArthriMed-Plus

ArthriMed-Plus is a natural health product and pain relief Natural external spray. It is 100% manufactured in Canada. ArthriMed-Plus comes in 3 round shape bottle size, 30ml, 120ml and 500ml. The actual liquid spray is in a plastic round shape bottle with a spray option on the top. 

ArthriMed-Plus helps reduce or get relief from temporary pain. It also cures all types of long time pain such as long time knee pain, back pain, shoulder joint issues, Arthritis pain etc.

For best result, just shake the bottle and from a farm distance spry at the affected place and let alone for 3-5 minutes. Do not rub on it. 

Areas we currently cover are Canada, South East Asia and Western Europe.

ArthriMed-Plus is a Canadian product made in Quebec and NPN approved. It is also approved by Health Canada.

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